Although bariatric surgery is often a highly effective tool for weightloss, sometimes people regain weight after they’ve lost it with surgery. Here are some frequently asked questions about weight regain and its treatment:

What causes weight regain after surgery?
Some bariatric surgeries reduce the size of the stomach. This helps patients feel full more quickly, and eat smaller meals. Sometimes, however, the stomach stretches out. When this happens, an initial benefit of bariatric surgery – having a smaller stomach – is lost, and weight can be regained. The more technical name for a stretched out stomach after surgery is a “dilated gastric outlet” or “dilated gastric sleeve”.

Is there treatment for the stomach stretching out?
Endoscopic treatment can help when the stomach stretches out, and weight is regained after surgery. Using a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, it is possible to reduce the size of the stomach pouch again. This can restore the more quick feeling of fullness, and encourage patients to eat smaller meals again. One option is called “pouch reduction” – this is the procedure done if you’ve previously had a gastric bypass. The other option is called “reduction of a dilated sleeve” – which is the procedure done if you’ve previously had a gastric sleeve.

How is the procedure performed?
An endoscopic procedure is not surgical. There is no cutting and no scars. The patient is put under anesthesia so they do not feel or remember the procedure. Once the patient is asleep, a thin tube is placed down their throat. The stretched out stomach can be tightened by using sutures. The procedure is quick, and patients go home the same day.

Am I a good candidate for pouch reduction or reduction of dilated sleeve?
Are you gaining weight after you lost it with bariatric surgery?
Are you feeling less full than you did after bariatric surgery?
Can you eat larger meals than you used to?
Do you feel hunger more quickly after you eat a meal?
Do you have bloating?

While every case is different, “yes” to these questions may mean you’re a good candidate for one of these endoscopic procedures. If you have regained some weight after bariatric surgery, and would like to talk to Dr. Sharaiha about treatment, please contact us here.