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Dr. Reem Sharaiha is now offering the AspireAssist  Рan innovative new device for weight loss.

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Did you see the NBC news story about the accordion weight loss procedure, featuring, Dr. Sharaiha?

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I found Dr. Sharaiha through my insurance, and after researching the procedure and how noninvasive it was I became very interested... It's been 8 months, and I'm still losing 10 pounds per month. I have lost 38% of my body weight. I really could not have done this without it.

Dr. Sharaiha was only a phone call or email away, and if she didn't answer right away she was impressibly prompt with her responses. We even talked on the phone at 4am on one of the first nights after the procedure when I had a question.

Before the procedure I was absolutely miserable. It affected all aspects of my life. You do not realize how crucial confidence is until you have it... Ever since changing my life, I have been performing better at work, getting better grades in my courses, and have never been closer with the people in my life.

On my very first follow-up appointment (I had lost over thirty pounds at that point), I still remember Dr. Sharaiha's reaction when she first saw me. The genuine happiness on her face still resides with me... Everything else has failed, but this won't if you're willing to let go of your old bad habits and start new healthy ones. This procedure is literally a second chance.