Our staff is tuned into the needs of the individual patient. They strive to help you navigate the maze of appointments, surgical scheduling and aftercare. They are well versed in the issues patients face after surgery and are compassionate. From our front desk staff to our hospital staff, your well being is of the utmost concern. Here are the people you may meet as a patient with us:

Ageliki Pettas & Maritza Negron: Medical Assistants:

Angie and Maritza are our go-to people for getting things done and keeping the practice running smoothly. They handle everything from insurance to scheduling office appointments and procedures. They both meet every task and challenge with a positive attitude and are always ready and willing to help.

Andrea Benvenuto, MSN, ANP-BC

Andrea_siteAndrea is the Advanced Endoscopy Clinical Nurse Practitioner at Weill Cornell Medical Center since 2013. She completed her Masters in Nursing in 2009 at CUNY Hunter College. She has been with NYP- Cornell Medical Center since 2004 practicing as a nurse and then subsequently a Nurse Practitioner in the hospital. She now coordinates the outpatient practice for the Advanced Endoscopy team, including diagnosis, treating and educating the patients in the practice. She is Co-investigator on multiple trials, and participates in research and publications. She has a strong interest in the obesity epidemic and the endoscopic approaches to aide in weight loss. She has an obesity clinic in which she sees new patients and follow ups.

Jennifer Millman RN, BSN

Jennifer_siteAfter graduating from Bryn Mawr College in May of 2003 with a BA in Biology, Jennifer pursued a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked at HUP and NYP in ICU, step-down, and med-surg clinical settings. She currently works as a Clinical Practice Nurse for the Advanced Endoscopy group at Weill Cornell Medical College in the Division of Gastroenterology. She is passionate about counseling patients and promoting healthy lifestyles in Obesity Clinic. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys running, pilates, and is currently training for her first marathon.

Alissa Lupu RD, CDN, CNSC: Registered Dietitian.


Alissa is specifically devoted to adult medical nutrition therapy for the Center for Advanced Digestive Care and in particular patients seen here as part of the comprehensive obesity program. Her expertise in digestive diseases and liver transplantation is supported by the fact that she is a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC). After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, she attained her registered dietitian license through the NewYork-Presbyterian Dietetic Internship Program. She follows all patients and develops in conjuction with endoscopy a medically supervised weight loss program designed for the management of co-morbidities

Alexandra Weinstein, RD, CDN: Registered Dietitian

Alex_siteAlex is a registered dietitian dedicated to the Center for Advanced Digestive Care. She graduated from New York University and went on to complete her dietetic internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Prior to joining NYP, Alex provided medical nutrition therapy for all patients at the obesity clinic at NYP Medical Center. Alex’s expertise is focused around digestive disorders. She sees patients pre procedure and follows them through after as part of our comprehensive care program.